Tokenization/ User Profiling
  • 20 Aug 2023
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Tokenization/ User Profiling

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Article Summary


This feature enables merchants to process online payments without asking the cardholder to enter their full card details for each transaction.

SmartRoute securely stores card details and maps them to a unique token shared with the merchant to identify the card.

Once the customer chooses to pay, the merchant sends the payment token to PayOne along with other transaction details, the system translates the token to the original card details, and process the payment using them.

To use tokenization feature, merchant should consider the following parameters:


  • GenerateToken
  • Token
  • Response.Token
  • Requesting to generate a token, while sending a token, leads to an error.
  • Sending a token with card details (card number, expiry date, cardholder name, security code) leads to an error. Either send card details or a token.

User Profiling

Alternatively, merchants can send the customer ID in the transaction request so that customer can save their cards and afterwards all saved cards of that customer will be displayed in the payment page and they can easily select the card they want, to proceed with the payment.

Tokenization Screen

All sensitive card details are stored securely in PayOne's PCI DSS certified vault. 

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